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Supplies - 3 1/8" Printed

At a price of less than 1 per customer you can put an ad in your customers hands. Using your point of sales receipt as an ad is a cost effective way to promote your business to your customers.

Studies have shown that it is much more profitable to get enhanced revenue from your current customers than attempting to attract new customers.

Sales receipts are a flexible way to reach your current customer base. They may be used as ads, coupons or a way to promote guarantees. Some other possible applications include the promotion of high margin items, new products and to go orders.

The use of your is receipts may also be used to gather information about your customers by printing surveys on the back of your receipt. Those surveys may then be used to build a database that can be used to send timely emails or the necessary information for a loyalty program. Promoting your web site, facebook account or twitter are other possible applications.

Minimum orders for having printing done on the back of your receipt are ten cases. Much better pricing may be obtained on orders of twenty-five cases or more.

The recommended shelf life for printing on the back of the receipt is three years. All orders should be used in that time frame. All paper should be stored in a cool dry place.

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3 1/8 ad .

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