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T-Flex Coin Dispenser.

Telequip Transact T-Flex

The Telequip Transact T-Flex coin dispenser has been tested and integrated into Maitre'D point of sale systems and Sam4s cash registers.

The Transact T-Flex is designed to increase thru-put at your checkout. Each cash transaction can be speed up by between five and eight seconds. This increase in productivity leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and ultimately higher sales and greater profit. Cashier errors in handing out change are reduced with the Transact T-Flex. In addition to leading to greater customer confidence this greater accuracy speeds up the balancing of tills at the end cashier shifts.

The end result of the Telequip Transact T-Flex is improved efficiency in your entire operation.

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  • Increased Thru-put at Checkout
    • Shortens lines
    • Helps serve an extra five customers per hour
    • Easy swap of coin canisters
  • Reduces Cashier Errors
    • Change is correct every time
    • Helps ensure cashiers don't intentionally under ring transactions
    • Speeds balancing at the end of a shift
  • High Customer Satisfaction
    • Less time spent in line
    • Confidence that the change is correct
    • Holds coins for two hundred transactions
  • High Return on Investment
    • Save between five and eight seconds per transaction
    • Potential payback of less than two years
    • Helps retain customers
  • Telequip
    • Rugged reliability - Up to a seven year extended warranty available
    • Ease of use
    • Over thirty five years world wide experience in the cash register and point of sale business



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