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Processing - Check Processing

The acceptance of checks remains critical to most retail businesses. With a check cashing system in place you can now accept checks with confidence at your location, over the phone or on the Internet.

Checks may now be guaranteed, without recourse, and handled much like debit cards. Funds from your checks are transferred to your checking account within twenty-four hours just like debit cards are now. Because these funds are guaranteed, you no longer need to follow up on bad checks and attempt to collect the funds.

A lower cost check processing solution where you accept part of the risk is also available. This check verification program notifies you of the highest risk bad check writers and helps stem most losses. If a loss does occur you have a nation wide system in place to help you recover your lost funds.

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  • Check Accepatance
    • Store
    • Phone
    • Internet
  • Conversion of Check to Debit
    • Guarantee payment
    • Reduce time spent on your end of day deposit
    • Prevent the loss of checks
  • Check Cashing System
    • Avoid most bad checks
    • Level of risk your comfortable with
    • Recovery program that minnimizes your involvement
  • Payroll Authorization Program
    • Draw customers to your business with payroll check cashing
    • Verify the validity of the check
    • Minnimize risk
  • E checks
    • Increase internet sales
    • Verify checks to guarantee payment
    • Guaranteed payments on larger purchases with mulitple checks that will be cashed over three to six months




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